11 proven tricks to get more followers on Instagram

11 proven tricks to get more followers on Instagram

With over 150 million users and owned by social media giant Facebook, Instagram is one of the best and most-used photo sharing platform, enabling you to share photos, as well as short videos, with your followers. Did you know that There are over 55 million photos shared on Instagram every day (source: Mind Jumpers) which is another great reason why you should utilise this platform for personal branding or even marketing your business.

Choose a unique but rememberable username: Usernames define who you are and allow easy search for your profile. You might already understand the difference between HeithLedgerFan and something like pan324! An hour after you are done with this article, you will still be able to recollect HeithLedgerFan but pan324 is something complicated.

Keep user names that people can relate to. This way you will be getting the maximum number of followers. Keeping unique user names also generates the curiosity among users to check out your profile and consequently follow you.

Fill out your profile info: When a person searched for a profile, he generally looks for complete information that defines the person. Complete profile info says who you are and users get more interested in following your work. In social networking platforms, spam is virulent and you do not want to be considered one.

Post only beautiful pictures: Beauty always attracts the mind and soul. When people see an attractive photograph, they might be entices to check out similar snaps that you might have taken. If you make it a habit only to upload good photos, you are actually adding an advantage with your profile.

Post one photo at a time: Too much information at the same time can be confusing. Similarly, too many photos at the same time will be ineffective an even disorienting. Posting just a single photo will give a better view to the user and the image will make more of an impression.

Use hashtags smartly: HashTags are the trend of the season and works as an effective tool to link people, places businesses and products. Using HashTags gives your post more exposure. Even people completely outside your friend circle may land upon your profile with the virtue of HashTags.

Use following hashtags in your Instagram posts to increase reach,likes and followers –#throwbackthursday, #throwback, #shoutout, #follow, #love, #followforfollow, #awesome, #goodmorning, #healthy, #comment

Engage with others: Like and Comment: Network is best done when the maximum number of participants knows who a certain person is. In the online society, this is best done by liking and commenting on other people’s posts. This way, people know that you have a viewpoint and they would like to extend their remarks or compliments. Liking other photos or posts will certainly work as an invitation and your fan following as a result grows.

Find Friends: Add friends from Facebook and your contact list: The best way to increase your friends is by inviting Instagram users who you already are friends with in Facebook or even mailing lists. In many cases, it is an invite that instigates users to open a profile. This way you earn friends, followers and exposure.

Geo-Tag photos: Geo tagging photos again works on the basis of locational search and Instagram search engine. While people would continue to search for popular places, products and groups, you could add your name to the opportunity by geo tagging photographs. When people know that you have been to a certain place, they may be enticed to know more about you.

Tag / Mention relevant user: When you post a status or add photos, you may actually tag other people who have been behind the making! This multiplies the exposure of your post in their friend lists too and you certainly are going to get some more followers this way!

Post Regularly: Posting regularly will ensure that people gradually get to know and appreciate your presence. An active user has more followers than a one in a month user.

Don’t forget to follow others: It’s all about give and take. Following others is a great way to expect the favor back. Instagram is an amazing community of people sharing photos and information of all kind. With the world as your social platform, there is no dearth of people whom you want to know a bit more about!


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