5 Simple AdWords Fixes Guaranteed To Save Money

5 Simple AdWords Fixes Guaranteed To Save Money

Did you know that a typical small business waste roughly 25% of their total paid search advertising budget. If you look at the cumulative effect of this in overall business profitability, It’s a big deal. But controlling this is the toughest job of any Adword manager.

I’ve analyzed hundreds of Adword campaigns and worked with small and big adword account, but there are few mistakes I’ve noticed which is somehow common in almost ninety percent of account..

Here I am listing down some smart methods that you can implement in your Adword account right now and see the significant decrease in your overall Adword spend by getting relatively much better conversions.

1.  Separate Search and Display Network

This is one of the most common mistakes made by online advertising experts these days. So first of all, make sure you are separating your search and display network at the campaign level of your Adword account.


Search means someone is typing in the search box and hit go, technically your ad will be placed against search results.


Display Network means your ad is showing alongside of the content, Similarly like ad in a magazine or a newspaper.


Search and Display network behaves differently and has different definitions of success measurement. Most importantly their quality scores are calculated differently. So not separating search and display network is number one place I see people waste more money.


Head over to your Adword account, Open any campaign, Click on settings, Click on type and make sure you have selected “Search Network Only”.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 2.28.38 pm

Click “Save” and your are DONE 🙂

2. Use Mobile Bid Modifiers:

By default, mobile devices inherit the bid that you set for the ad group unless you change it manually after you save a new ad group in your ad campaign. If your site is not looking good on mobile device (website is not responsive or not rendering) or even doesn’t convert well, you have just got the right option to fix this loophole.

This is the right moment when you should either lower the bid or turn off the bid completely.

To change your mobile bid modifier, simply open any of your campaign=> open any ad groups => click on settings.

See the second button that is devices

It will show you computers, mobile devices with browsers, Click on the bid adjustment column and select decrease by “100%”. What this will do is essentially opt out showing ads on mobile devices.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 2.45.32 pm

3. Send visitors to a relevant landing page, not just the homepage.

Let’s say someone is coming to your site by searching “best earphones” then you should either take them to a category page of the earphones or a very relevant product page based on the relevancy if user search query.

While setting up the Adword account for your business, make sure you have separate landing page (that can be added in the “final URL” section) to offer your visitors as relevant information as possible,

If your visitors will not find what exactly they are looking for, there is a higher probability that they will bounce back to the search result page. This way you’ll not only waste money by losing a potential customers but also depreciating the brand value for his future visits.

4. Focus your spend rather then spending it too thin.

There is nothing wrong in the perception of reaching out to larger set of audience and bidding on maximum number of keywords at a time, But there are few theorems that you have to convince yourself with.

You can’t bid for all the keywords all the time, you just can’t. I’ve seen people increasing bid on each campaign based on their own choice to amplify the reach. But It’s important to focus on your budget and spend where it matters to your business rationally.

Weed out the keywords which are not performing well and make sure you are not only relying on “broad match modifier” to generate relevant leads.

5. Enable Conversion Tracking

This is a must do for all professionals managing Adword accounts. By not doing this, you are actually abusing the biggest boon of online advertising, guess what?

You can measure your spend against your success very effectively.

That’s right, Conversion tracking will arm you with so much meaningful data and help you take better business decisions in the future.

If you can’t track at the very least with the keywords by the sale, even if you don’t know the amount of the sale, you might as well throw your money in a well and make a wish.


Click Tools, Click Conversions, Click the red (ad new conversion button) and name your conversion (for ex – leads) For the time being I’m going ahead with the “webpage” as your traffic source (you can select other options as well).

Good Luck !


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