7 proven ways to promote your event online

7 proven ways to promote your event online

When putting so much time and energy into planning your event, you want to make sure that you do the promotion right. To generate the highest amount of registrants, you need a mix of email, social, public relations, and other types of paid promotions to get the biggest bang for your buck.

1. Create an engaging video to promote – A compelling video with great visual and sound can encourage your potential customers to share with their friends and invite them for event. Give a solid reason of why they should attend your event. Using real life scenarios with a storytelling approach to develop emotional connect can work wonders.

Here are a few tips for creating and promoting a video:

  • Publish your video on many online repositories like your event page or in communities and groups with a CTA integrated description
  • Host on Vimeo and YouTube- Hosting on both places will give you the advantage of the flexibilities of each platform- Vimeo’s branding control and YouTube’s access to a large audience.
  • Upload your video on Facebook and use paid marketing strategies to reach target audience quickly

2. Increase buzz by “event ticket” giveaways: Nothing motivates people more than the opportunity to win something free! So why not give away a ticket or two for your event to really amp up the buzz?

You can run some quiz-based contest on twitter or on event page/blog to get public opinion, increase participation and noise about the event.

3. Use Google Ads to go viral: I have tested this method six months back for a store launch of a famous lifestyle brand. Have you ever used Google Ads to promote the landing page of your event? Do you have a Google Plus page?

If so, you can, not only drive relevant traffic on your landing page but also increase the credibility of your ads with social proof. Go to your ad extension and select social extensions from the drop-down list.

4. Connect your speakers with the Audience: One of the main reason people attend event is to connect with the industry experts and listen to them in person. It’s always a better strategy to interview speakers and create valuable content for your target audience.

5. Create an Infographic of the event: How about creating an interesting Infographics highlighting the special quotes/key message of the speakers? You can add some branding and syndicate across the web 🙂

6. Create a Tweet for Attendees – If people are excited about attending your event, why not ask them to click a button and tell their friends about it? It’s better to place this tweet button on event registration microsite and encourage people to share a customized tweet with their friends. Along with the same you can create a twitter timeline highlighting all the real time tweets on the sidebar of the event page.

7. Create a Facebook Event Page – Creating a Facebook page should be the first step that you need to take before promoting an event. Facebook Ad Manager offers paid event promotion model that can work really well with your predefined audience.

Facebook also offers FBX Ad Targeting that will help you target those Facebook users who already visited your event page but didn’t purchase the ticket. FBX Ad Targeting can work as one of the most economical model to specifically target Facebook users who already interested in your event.

Conclusion- There are many other ways we can promote an event on digital media channels based on the nature of event and target audience. I have tested all the above listed event-marketing ideas and got amazing results 🙂

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