How to Get Content Ideas for Your Digital Marketing Agency

How to Get Content Ideas for Your Digital Marketing Agency

As a digital marketing agency, you need to calculate the ROI of the blog content that you’ll generate over a period of time. We all know the common places to get trending content ideas but making sure that the same content can give you realistic return is slightly tricky :).

Listing down some common business objective of a digital marketing agency:

Objective 1 – Help your potential customers in common day to day execution level problems (how to guides, explaining confusing terms etc.)

Objective 2 – Increasing visibility on business intent keywords (social media marketing agency in {location}, digital marketing agency in {location})

Objective 3 – Establishing as a thought leader among your competitors (Writing blogs on case studies, industry research, analysis of tools etc.)

Hope I’ve clarified this pointer to some level, now let’s understand from where to find such content ideas.

Objective 1 –

1. Write content based on questions people are asking on quora relevant to any topic. For example – You search for “Google Analytics” in Quora and click on “topic”, Quora will show you tons of questions around the same, Ask your web analytics person in your internal team to write content on the same.


See I’ve just got a question on Ask Digital Vidya Forum and realised that many people would have similar issues, So I’ve written content around the same.

2. Tools – Use “Screaming Frog” tool to crawl the sites of your competitors (include global also) and closely monitor the content they published recently, You’ll also get the clarity on what keywords they are targeting from meta tag analysis.


3. Buzzsumo is another tool to help you understand the popularity of a content (Enter the URL of your competitors and you’ll understand which content is getting more popularity on social media channels)


Objective 2 – As a digital marketing agency, you already know the business intent keywords for your business right? List down all the important keyword for your business and try for long tail keyword suggestions.

You need to connect to your Search Console and based on the keywords you are already visible in Google, you’ll get long tail keyword suggestions to craft blog content that can surely uplift your SERP for higher visibility and more traffic eventually.

Objective 3 –
1. Keep a very close eye on industry reports from comscore, social bakers, octaneresearch, emarketer and forrester reports to create insightful, research based content.

2. Write a blog on previous case studies and campaigns you did for your clients. This will not only work as a company credential but also help you get referral clients (you know what I mean) 😉

I believe that by following above mentioned pointers and getting the collaborative content from your internal team, you can substantially good content in a short period of time.

Some Important Suggestions for Overall Growth of a Digital Marketing Agency:

We are in a very dynamic vertical, As a digital marketing agency, this is really important to make sure your team is updated with recent industry changes and maintaining the passion to learn and grow. From my extensive experience of running a digital marketing agency, I am sharing some more suggestions for overall growth of a small digital marketing agency 🙂

1 – Before everyone kickstart for the day, make sure you all connect for 30 mins and discuss recent news, industry updates and marketing strategies of different brands.

2 – Assuming you have a Whatsapp group in your company, Everyone in your team can use that to share recent news and updates with each other.

3 – Taking the help of your internal team to amplify the reach of your blog content is fine, make sure your team members are getting personal exposure as well.

This list can go on and on, but I believe I’ve covered the brief 300 words and answered your question up to some extent.

Happy Blogging 🙂

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