How to Get Hourly Updates on Conversion Data Using Adword Script

How to Get Hourly Updates on Conversion Data Using Adword Script

Till yesterday, I was manually checking the AdWord performance report almost after every hour to keep a track of the metrics/numbers and was reporting to some of my clients, and trust me It was really frustrating.

I started looking out for some solution to this problem and stumbled upon “Adword Scripts”, I did some research on the same and thrilled with the possibility and level of automation is possible with scripts. Today, I’ll share a quick and simple Adword script that will refresh your Google Spreadsheet hourly and provide you some valuable information on your Adword account every hour of the day.

Apart from getting the hourly granularity of your Adword Campaigns, here are some more benefits of using this scripts.

Deeper Understand of your Campaign Performance- Apart from getting automated report of your Adword campaign every hour, this script will show you deeper level of granularity and interesting insights of your campaigns which can help you decide further marketing campaigns.

Historical Data of your Quality Score- Maintaining retroactive data of your quality score is not possible in Adwords, This script will record the Quality Score of your most important keywords every hour. You just need to save the report every hour.

Get Hourly Analysis and Everyday Performance Report- The next time your boss wants to know why the account spend seems low for the day, You can use this hourly data to make sure things are running as expected and show that spend always picks up later in the day.

How to create a new Adword Script: To start using Adword Script, Click “Bulk Operation” (visible in left coloumn of your Adword interface) and Select “Scripts”. Now you just need to click on the red button of “+Scripts” (highlighted in the screenshot below) and you are ready to go.


Follow the below-mentioned instructions to setup this in next 5 mins 🙂

1 – Open the spreadsheet template from the link at the top of the script linked above
2 – Make a copy to your google drive/account
3 – Update the variable spreadsheet_url with the link to the copy you made
4 – Paste the entire script into a new AdWords script and authorize (copy from below)
5 – Preview/run to see it work

I have it scheduled to run hourly and it’s formatted so it shows clearly on the desktop as well as the mobile version of Google Docs/Sheets.

This script will run per hour and store the everyday stats for the selected items at that time, Just keep in mind that these stats can be delayed because the scripts will run at any time during the hour and you’ll see hourly progression in the recorded stats but specific hourly data will not be available as of now.

I’ll work more on Adword Scrips and share some more cool hacks to automate Adword and simplify search engine marketing for you 🙂

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