Lenskart’s Offensive Campaign Uses Earthquake, Is Slammed

Lenskart’s Offensive Campaign Uses Earthquake, Is Slammed

Today brands are extremely opportunist when it comes to advertisement and rolling out some cleaver and catchy campaigns on different media channels. They are using incidents that are on top of the mind of the target audience for better brand recall. Don’t you remember the catchy slogan and awesome advertising by Amul India on almost every occasion beat the elections, world cup or even a trending movie 🙂

Lenskart, an Indian online eyewear brand decided to take advantage of the grave situation. Only this would explain the extremely insensitive mobile push sent out by the company, asking people to ‘shake it off’ like the earthquake.


Guys.more than 2000 people have died in this deadly earthquake. Is this really the time to push out an offer for Vincent Chase sunglasses?

This is really insensitive and worst marketing tactics can ever rolled out by any brand. And yes, a very big FAIL. However, after massive outrage on social media and more than one thousand negative tweets about the brand in less than 12 hours shaken the founders and this is what they tweeted realising this big FAIL.


Conclusion- We can’t ignore the fact that negative marketing has been the key success factor for some brands, I mean look how people started sharing their opinion about AIB Roast in March 2015 and video views were touching the sky. But at the same time it’s equally important for a brand to understand that negative marketing is not a long term marketing strategy to establish trust and values in the target audience. I think it’s a mistake and everyone should learn a lesson from this mistake. After all business is all about human wellbeing.. right ?

So what you think, was this an strategic move to increase brand awareness or just a mistake?

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