How to Measure the Impact of Display Ads on SEO Conversions

How to Measure the Impact of Display Ads on SEO Conversions

Do you like display ads?

Most of the people don’t like those interruptive banner ads asking you to sign-up or buy a product, but interestingly brands are allocating substantial annual budget for display ad campaigns in their marketing budget, why?

OK so here is the reality, Display Ads are often considered as less profitable or poor marketing channel because they rarely complete a conversion or sales. But on the flip side, your display ad campaigns are significantly contributing to the conversion volume of your organic search (SEO) campaigns.

Here is an example- Let’s assume, you are promoting a “seasonal product” via display ad campaigns and showing your banner ads to relevant websites. Some people will clicks on the ad and probably visit the landing page but the few of them would prefer to search the brand name/ campaign name or product name in Google (any organic search medium) and visit your homepage/product page and probably do a conversion, (because people don’t prefer to click on interruptive banner ads) right?.


Considering the above example, your display ad campaign is actually contributing to organic search (SEO) conversion. As a marketer, It’s important to know the role of Display Ads in overall conversion process so you can justify the investment and improve your marketing campaigns with rational data. Here, we’ll use Google Analytics Conversion Segments to understand the impact of display ads on organic search.

Click on Conversion -> Top Conversion Paths -> Conversion Segments -> Create New Conversion Segment


Here you can very effectively slice the traffic flow based on the interaction level (first interaction and last interaction) and medium of the channel (see screenshot).


Once you are done with the steps mentioned in the above screenshot, click on “Save Segment” and ready to see the impact of display ads on your organic search conversions.


In this example we can clearly see that display ad campains are contributing 0.21% conversion on organic search or SEO conversions. Now let’s visualize the same data in multi channel funnel analysis and understand the total conversions and indeed conversion value (assuming you have already defined the goal value in your Google Analytics Goal Setup).


This is one of the best ways to measure the impact of different marketing campaigns using the various segmentation options available in the conversion segments. Stau tuned for another tip on Google Analytics 🙂

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