Ultimate Cheat-Sheet for everyday social media activity

Ultimate Cheat-Sheet for everyday social media activity

One of the most challenging part of social media marketing is to be active on multiple social channels with same efficiency and efforts. However every social media channel works differently and it’s important to understand their online contribution on daily basis.

Here is a cheat sheet to stay updated on top social media channels within same time and more efforts.

Everyday Activities on Facebook

1. Find and join 5 groups relevant to your business
2. Share something informative on 3 groups everyday
3. Publish 2 posts everyday related to your brand
4. Always include a call to action (Comment, like, share)
5. Make use of Hashtags prominently to appear in trending results
6. Always tag socially influential people and pages in your posts

Best tools to measure success- Facebook Insights, simplymeasured

Everyday Activities on Twitter

1. Do 3 new tweets a day related to business, fun, promotional offers to amplify followers/communities
2. Make use of Hashtags prominently to appear in trending results and increase your tweet reach
3. Connect with socially influential business related people and do 3 retweets (RT) everyday
4. Follow 10 new people everyday
5. Using twitter tools like tweet reach, twitonomy or twitter analytics to measure success
6. Do one tweet with a link related to your brand or business niche
7. Always use Url shortner tools like bit.ly or goo.co to measure clicks on tweet links

Best tools to measure success- twitonomy.com, tweetreach.com, simplymeasured

Everyday Activities on LinkedIn

1. Connect with 3-5 people every week
2. Following 3 relevant companies everyday
3. Request 1-2 new recommendations every week
4. Repost all blogposts on news feed of linkedIn
5. Post on relevant industry news in news feed with a CTA
6. Participate in 2-3 relevant discussion threads everyday

Best tools to measure success- Linkedin Analytics, HootSuite

Everyday Activities on Pinterest

1. Create a new Pin Board relevant toy our business every week and tweet about it
2. Allocate 10-15 mins a day add your existing brand
3. Encourage followers to pin to your board
4. Follow 3-5 new pincers a week
5. Always use appropriate keywords and hashtags in your pin, boards and descriptions

Best tools to measure success– PinReach, Pinleague, Curalate

Everyday Activities on Instagram

1. Post one photo everyday
2. Use appropriate hashtags in your descriptions to appear in trending results
3. Follow 10 new people on Instagram everyday
4. Comment on five follower posts a day
5. Like 20-30 yours of followers images everyday
6. Tag the location of your photo if needed
7. Integrate Instagram images on other platforms and link back to your profile if possible
8. Use better/interesting description on images to make it appealing

Best tools to measure success- Statigr.am, simplymeasured

Everyday Activities on Google Plus

1. Add 5 people in your circle per day
2. Share fresh and interesting content related to your business 2x a day
3. Offer and host a G+ hangout session for an industry related topic 1x week
4. Make sure your posts are set to topic, #tags and categorise followers

Best tools to measure success- Google+ Analytics, CircleCount, simplymeasured

Everyday Activities on FourSquare

1. Check in to your office everyday
2. Encourage co-workers to join and experience foursquare
3. Seeking out new twitter followers through Foursquare
4. Create checkins for all your special events & promote in advance of the event
5. Add 2 tips and reviews on local establishment every week
6. Re-post your Foursquare checkins on twitter with enticing commentary

Best tools to measure success- foursquare analytics, Fourscan

Everyday Activities on Reddit

1. Create a subreddit group for your community
2. Create one new thread everyday
3. Monitor new threads with automated mail alerts
4. Participate in 2-3 threads a day irrelevant to your company
5. Engage with your potential TG by sharing informative news

Best tools to measure success- metareddit, Slurm

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