Why include events in whole marketing spectrum

So the answer is quite simple and straight – It will significantly help you stand out of your competition. But all the marketing heads and VP’s start their conversation with “why” and “how”. I’ll try to answer these two questions from a consumer’s perspective.

Do you remember this picture?

benefits of event marketing

It was in news when Apple launched their latest smartphone. Why do you think thousands of people were standing in front of Apple store when they could’ve easily purchased the same product online? People prefer to go to the Apple store because they can talk to a human and experience the product.

Through various online marketing promotional services you can pitch your product or services, but you know what- A modern consumer want “little more” than that.

Events offer a unique opportunity for them to interact with solution providers to get a firsthand sense of a company’s focus, perspective, and personality, and that’s the key 🙂

Importance of event marketing for your business

The basic concept of event marketing is to allow people to experience your product or services while participating in the event. According to the 2014 IDC Tech Marketing Benchmarks Study, on average event marketing, on average event marketing constitutes 1/5 of the marketing budget, a pretty sizeable percentage. Isn’t?


To establish a new product line or entirely launching a new brand, Event marketing can give a positive memorable experience to your potential customer. No wonder why established brand like Apple is using event-marketing strategies to connect the product to the customer.

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