Why Indian E-commerce players are shifting from desktop to mobile

Today verbal chatting has given way to mobile chatting. In last one year I have rarely seen a single scenario of four friends sitting and talking to each other. The general scenario is, in most cases two of them would be constantly busy on their phones chatting, texting, checking social media or even shopping online.

This on-the-move medium is playing a very significant role for Ecommerce players as it compliments their promises of convenient online shopping. Now, It becomes imperative for any company to extend its visibility on mobile platform. Effective mobile marketing strategy has already helped various Ecommerce players witness a boost in traction and transactions in last one year.

Be it Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal. All the major Ecommerce players are increasingly spending on connecting with their customers on the mobile space today. With the number of 3G subscribers increasing by the day and an equal number of people choosing mobile as their shopping window owing to convenience, the trend only underpins the potential that M-commerce offers.


Indian Ecommerce industry, which was valued at $12 billion in 2014, shall touch $38 billion in 2015 and by 2020 it will be a $78 billion industry.

Last year Snapdeal has stated that the percentage of its transactions done on the Ecommerce platform from mobile devices was a whooping fifty percent. This was a revelation and other facts that supported the potential and promises of mobile devices were: 45 percent of these transactions were done through the website apps, while the rest 55 percent were made from mobile sites.

If we put multiple statistics from different Ecommerce sites on one table, clearly more than 50 percent of mobile searches are being made online, and to target them is very essential.

Mobile advertising space is brimming with new innovations, utilising newer ad formats like click to call or Product ads on Google are key ingredients to drive more conversion. From a users perspective it’s always easy to shop using mobile apps rather than switching to desktop and dealing with multiple passwords and steps to buy a product.

Considering a many Ecommerce players are intelligently leveraging mobile traffic, there are still a significant number of Ecommerce players struggling to deal with this new medium.

CONCLUSION- With the retail spending behaviour evolving due to the advent of smartphones and tablets, M-commerce is growing exponentially. Since the customers can now have a greater control over their spending habits, for the time being mobile marketing is undoubtly working as a boon for E-retailors.

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